Message to the UP EEE Community

30 April 2020

A pleasant day to the UP EEE Community!

We hope everyone is staying safe and responsibly doing his/her share in preventing the spread of the virulent COVID-19.

Pre-Covid-19 saw us preparing for major 2020 projects like, among others, the Fun Run in June and the Homecoming Week (highlighted by our 2020 UP EEE Alumni Homecoming) in September. Unexpected circumstances make us realize there are so many things we really have no control over, yet we need to keep our heads up in moving forward.

They say the coronavirus is an invisible enemy. As EEE’s, we say that just like electrons, COVID-19 may appear to be invisible, but both have physical manifestations for us to intelligently act. Action it is, with UPEEEAAI being proactively involved in seeing the curve flatten out. It wishes to remain relevant while Luzon and other parts of the country are on ECQ by aligning to its 5th purpose, namely:

5. To develop ways and means of alumni involvement and communication with the Alma Mater and to ensure the recognition of the alumni as a respected and integral part of the university.

A fund drive was initiated on 14 April 2020 to support our University Health Services, particularly the UP Diliman Infirmary. This advocacy was disseminated to all UPEEE alumni and friends as the Infirmary has been operating beyond its usual function. It has been needing 20 PPE’s daily since early April, not to mention other items like facemasks, gloves, etc. We have so far raised PHP80,712.84, which was kickstarted with a PHP25,000 pledge from the UPEEEAAI. Funds continue to be remitted by alumni from various EEE batches.

We are in close coordination with Dr. Jesusa Catabui, Director for University Health Services, and her staff for their actual needs as we try to optimize the use of donated funds. While awaiting delivery of other supplies, we have so far turned over the following to the UP Infirmary:

  • 04/23/2020 150 sets of PPE’s
  • 04/28/2020 200 liters Carboy ethyl alcohol
  • 04/29/2020 100 pcs. reusable/washable N95 type facemasks

Our support for the Infirmary will continue even after it fully transitions back as a health center clinic pending Palma Hall’s commencement as a COVID-19 center.

The ideal arrangement would be for all donations to be remitted to the UPEEEAAI bank account.  Accessing funds from that account is, however, not feasible while on lockdown since we are still unable to do online transfers from it.  To facilitate in the interim,  the option being done by the various batches (or group of batches like UPEE 72-87) is to remit to a designated representative who will consolidate the funds.  We will eventually ask that all donations  be directly deposited to UPEEEAAI’s account once it can be readily accessed.  For full transparency, proper acknowledgment of donations and accounting of all expenses are regularly being done by the respective representatives.   Updates will, also, be posted on the various electronic platforms.

This advocacy was originally named “UPEEE Support for UPD Infirmary.”  With its reverting back as a clinic and the expanded role of the University Health Services, we will now refer to this advocacy as “UPEEE Support for UPD Health Services.”  It is our intention to continue with this advocacy thru whatever means possible, even beyond financial support.

On behalf of the whole UP Community, we wish to thank everyone for your continued support and prayers.

Stay safe and God bless us all!

UPEEEAAI Board of Trustees