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Welcome Alumni!

In line with UP EEEI's vision to drive the nation's leadership in EEE for the next century, the UP EEE Alumni Association, Inc. (UPEEEAAI) has decided to provide an avenue for interaction among EEE Alumni.

Project Blugrey is a social media platform that aims to encourage productive interaction through:

  • Exchange of ideas - to promote creative use of existing technologies and for exploration towards new innovations.

  • Discussion of Timely Issues - to promote awareness of social issues and explore possible means to alleviate the difficulties in our nation today through the use of our technological knowledge and expertise.

  • Promotion of Constructive Advocacies - to provide guidance to fellow alumni and possibly encourage active participation in productive endeavors.

  • Propagation of Truthful Information - to help combat the proliferation of inaccurate news and avoid the disastrous consequences that comes with it.

Please join us by claiming your accounts so we can all engage in meaningful and progressive discourse!